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bespoke /bɪˈspəʊk/

Adjective, British: Clothing made to order for a specific user or purpose


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Bespoke orders are the perfect way to achieve exactly what you want in terms of style, fit and function. Great for special events, performance, film or simply a desire to build a garment from scratch specific to your own requirements.

With a robust fitting process, a bespoke order will start with a consultation where the client is measured, noting down all the individuals needs and requirements in order to create a completely personalised pattern from scratch. Once the design and function of the garment has been decided, a toile (mock up) of the garment will be created where appropriate in order to check fit, design and fabric choice. At this point we will have our first fitting. Alterations will then be applied to the pattern and orders will be placed for the fabric and trimmings required.

After the garment has been crafted, a second fitting will follow to check the finished garment. Further fittings may follow if the client requires. For Bridal commissions I usually advise a third or final fitting close to the wedding date.

All garments are unique and due to the breadth of different garments offered this process is simply a guide. Please contact us to discuss your project in detail. 

The fitting and construction process can take anywhere from 2-8 weeks depending on the client’s needs and the number of fittings required by the individual. The design process can begin earlier for Bridal commissions though the final fitting must stay at least 2 weeks before the big day.

Katharine holds fittings at her South East London workshop but is also happy to come to you. 

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