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Made to Measure

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Made to Measure

/ˌmeɪd tə ˈmɛʒə/

A process of making a garment based on the customers measurements



Unlike a bespoke appointment where a pattern is cut from scratch, the clients measurements are taken in order to personalise our house styles to their exact needs and flatter their silhouette.  With our assistance, the customer has the opportunity to customise design details and fabric choice in order to represent their personal taste and cater to individual needs.

The garment is then made up either in our workshop or at a small scale production unit using highly efficient methods of production, though the type of finish and embellishments can still be specified by the client on request. 

A one-off fitting may be required depending on the garment. If alterations are required for a made to measure garment this can be done as an addition to the service.

Although not as intensively crafted as a bespoke garment, our made-to-measure programme offers clients a vast scope of choice in terms of fit and style, and the possibilites are limitless.